Monday, November 1, 2010

A Book of Love and Laughter by Pauly Hart

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By Pauly Hart

Poetry, Prose, Psalms and Songs

Written 1993 – 2005

Copyright 2010 by Pauly Hart

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All works are copyrighted by paul (pauly) b. hart.
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Jesus Northstar

Guide me ever-onward Father
Touch me with your wondrous might
Pull me like you pull your compass
Treat me like you treat your children

Jesus Northstar, guide me onward

Electric Life, I'm charged with your love
Give me signs that I'm on course
Hold me, touch me with wholeness
Bring me closer to your fire

Store me in your life-sized wonder
Break me on your rocky shore
Hold me till the noon-tide washes
shield me in every way

Tighten jigs and pull them tautly
Batten hatches in my soul
Trim the sails and hold them steady
Pull me into life's' hard tide

Jesus Northstar, pull me ever

Jesus Northstar, your my light.

Copyright 2010 by pauly hart


Various times

More often than not,
Have I ever once thought,
I would be in a place such as this.

And at various times,
With the wind through the chimes,
I could love you so much more than this.

Though you knew me the same,
Knew my faults and my gains,
Even the split hairs on my head.

I sure love you my Lord,
As the strings on a chord,
play your sweet tune in my head.

Copyright 2010 by pauly hart


Summer Sunshine

Play hours all day sun; play, play, play.
In the summer sun, warm and shiny.
Summer sunshine, summer funshine.
Smiles and glistens, warm and friendly.
Shimmer and glimmer, warm and nice.
Hot and funny, play sun, play.
Play on lakes, and play with shade.
Play with ice in lemonade.
Cheery and happy, careless and free.

Warm summer sunshine, come play with me.

Copyright 2010 by pauly hart


For everything...

For every string that is tied down.

Another string is loosed somewhere.

For every man in battle gown.

Someone is broken two in prayer.

For every wrong there is a right.

For every day there is a night.

And every sinner who can't cope.

There is a God, there is a hope.

Copyright 2010 by pauly hart



Oh well, I tried not,
to fight the claim of my election.
Somehow passing life,
and took rejection.
trudging through the dark,
and found illusion.
I was all but dead,
but I claimed protection.
He took my life,
and gave me redemption.

Copyright 2010 by pauly hart



And as many as cast him down

He shall rise to face again

Though many cast him down

He takes on all mighty blows

For as many as cast him down

He will rise to come again

Save one who casts him down

and that one who lives inside

For when that one casts him down

He shall lay prostrate on the ground

Copyright 2010 by pauly hart


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Copyright by Pauly Hart

All rights by Pauly Hart

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